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    Buying or Renting ?

    After the earthquake, number of people are begin considering whether the purchasing the property would be fine way or not.
    From the news, there often shows the people effect the damage of their own property by having a mortgage. truly understand how difficult situation they are now facing.

    But in current situation, we cannot only to say purchasing is risky choice.

    /No support from the government
    In case your property got a big damage but if its rent, it becomes more difficult to receive a government support. Including the property annual tax and recovery support, most policy given from the government is the coverage who lose their “Own” property.

    /Amount to bear
    When all furniture or other stuff are gone, people who rented the property needs to cover all the amount and recover back their life by themselves.

    /Difficulty of insurance payment
    In the lease contract, insurance which tenant join would be only to the household. Also, there is no such record which household has gone and may have possibility that household insurance won`t covers the payment more than expected.
    Because the purchase house have transcript, it may be more fine to have the insurance coverage by showing the evidence of your own property.
    Total consideration would be necessary but to think from variety point of view, not only renting would be the safe way to avoid risk but purchasing may also helps depends on the cases.
    No matter how the situation, to have a plan and think what would be the best choices to everyone is still the necessary procedure to everyone.