Relocating in Tokyo

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    Relocating in Tokyo

    We provides the customer who just arrive in Japan.

    But there are number of fact which needs to get over to reach your goal to success “Relocate in Tokyo”.
    Mostly, to rent the property would be the first step.

    At the moment to find the property, there are several fact which needs to be clear in advance.
    Such as

    /When you need to move in
    /Do you have enough amount to move in?
    /Do you have a guarantor?
    /Other requirement which you need to have?
    /Type of contract(Personal contract or company contract)

    Once these fact becomes clear, we can narrow down the preference about the property you would like to have.

    To look around the property needs a lots of energy and sometimes may see the property you are not willing to see.
    This kind of situation is comes from the “unclear preference” at the beginning point.

    At the moment to view the property, here are the several fact which may become important.

    1.To be honest to your impression
    When viewing the property, some people are hesitating to inform “what is good and what is bad”. Once you find the property which is not into your criteria, you should be honest and tell how did you feel to the agent.
    Otherwise, they may keep giving you the wrong property and let you waste your self time.

    2. Make yourself clear
    Because of the character of the property, items which property gives you is already been determined.
    Property viewing is pretty similar with meeting with new people.
    In case if this new meeting people fits you, relationship between you and this new people may pretty effective.
    But if not, you know what will happen.
    What kind of items you are looking to the property, what would be ideal for you, and which fact may helps you, etc… would makes to find your new property effectively.

    There are more other part which needs to be clear but this would be the part needs to get over step by step.
    We would like to be a partner and to support to begin your new life hearing Tokyo.


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