The efficient way to find out the property

We know everyone have their own preference when searching property but to view entire property takes tremendous time and energy. It sometime becomes very difficult by secure this time between your busy time. 
To move this property searching efficient, this service becomes one "key" to support finding property in this situation.
By introducing property, we visit your interest property for you and take movie or to have “live chat” at the place and show each room to get much more idea to select the one you really interest and visit.

Suitable service for the person who…

>Work always finish late and cannot find time to view property.
>Needs to search property but cannot visit because not coming to Japan yet.
>Planning to come Tokyo and preferably to start living from the first day of arrival. (Can support temporary furniture setting through out "Furniture setting support service")
>Family willing to search property but cannot move frequently because the children is still small.
>Prefer to narrow down the property before the physical viewing only to view serious interest property.
>The Person who is looking for investment property from overseas.

Voice from users

Word is not enough to express how thankful I am to Morita san, for his extra effort and personalized service that made impossible possible.

I was working abroad and was about to start new job in Tokyo.
Due to tight schedule, I only had 4 days after I came back to Japan before I start working in new place.
Originally, I was told that it is impossible to move into new place within 4 days, as normally takes at least one week preparation time.
But I told Morita san that I strongly wish to move in as soon as possible, in order for me to focus on new job.

While I was still abroad, he himself visited all properties I have selected and showed me live video, so I could just watch on the screen. Because of this, I could decide one.

Moreover, he picked me up at the airport on the day of my arrival to Japan!
Then we straight went and physically check the property.
What a great service!!

No other real estate specialist do this kind of customized service.
It was totally miracle that I could settle down to my new place within 3 days after I came back to Japan.

Now, I can fully focus on new job.
I am really grateful to him, for the great service and special effort he extended to me.

From Ms. Sato

Process to use this service

property filming (4)1.Please give us an inquiry.
At the time, please let us know you prefer to use this service.
2.We would like to ask your preference and image of your prefer property and send you property information.
3. After this checking, let us know which property you would like us to visit. (Maximum 5 property to visit)
4.We will arrange time to visit each property and take movie.
If you would prefer for live chat at the place, please let us know your prefer time for us to visit the property and will ring you at the place. 
5.We going to take movie and discuss at the place.
Not only taking room inside, we also will take surrounding and check the distance to the station or surround environment.
6.After we view the property, we going to arrange movie and send it to you. 


property filming*This service shall be provided only to the client who is looking for property and not only for interest.
*Some property may not be possible to view inside by the situation of each property.
*Applicable location of property to provide this service shall be in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba.
*We will try view and film as much as possible in one day.
Due to the distance of each property of number of property, we may ask for schedule arrangement to film around.
*Please ask for more detail from “inquiry”.