Renting Housing loan in Japan requires number of step to get over.
It is clear the housing loan increase the property purchase option but this is also the point which number of people stuck.

How is rate of Japanese bank?

First of all, the rate of housing loan differ by the type of property which you are planning to purchase.
Rate basically differ by the residence or investment, having mortgage with residence is popular understanding as “Housing loan”.
Under recent market, the average rate for residence often lower than 2%, possible to take more low rate depends on the condtion.(2015 stage) But if the objective change into investment, this rate often rise up to 2.5%(2015 stage) or sometime more.

What will be needed when having housing loan in Japan?

Checking whether you can have housing loan, below would be the basic items to confirm the possibility.
/Do you have permanent residence?
/Do you have basic income inside Japan?
/Do you live in Japan?
/Can you speak Japanese?

Because we have several option but differ by the condition which everyone have, please inquire us to check the possibility of which bank become suitable.

What will happen if there is no Permanent residence?