At the time when you open the property but needs to return to your counter by some reason, how to manage the property would be the mission to everyone.

In this case, there are basic two option you can take us to activate your property such as to rent or or to sell.

Please check renting process if to prefer renting out.

T the time for selling, first needs to confirm would be the condition of yourself.

Such as,

/When would you prefer for selling?

At the time when begin activity for selling, you’re proper will be in the market and people, include your neighbor will be possible to know your property is now on sale.

/How you prefer to selling you’re property.

There is a way to do selling activity such as selling by your living or to sell after you leave.

If you prefer to still by your living, we need to arrange considerable buyer visit by aren’t your available schedule in most cases, which may need to all your energy for this adjustment.

If possible to sell after you leave, this also become better way to activate selling procedure but instead, additional cost would one for your separate stay.