Our Service

For tenant and buyers  “Achieve convenience and flexibility”
Recently, there are number of real estate company locates in the city.
But how do you figure out to meet the right agent?
Do they willing to provide and guide you to the suitable property without the risk?
“Meet the right agent at the beginning” is one of the most important key to find the suitable property.

Upon our experience, we got to know the number of foreigner face in a difficult situation
by language and difference of custom.
All the document procedure and explanation is done by Japanese and sometimes, it induce to the risk for the trouble in the future.
Adding to this, only to speak English is not enough that real estate system is very complicate.
Deep understanding of the system and skills to explain also the necessary part to provide.

Only a few, but following would be our basic service.
/Corresponded wide property service area in Tokyo and Yokohama
/Not only phones, but via email, SKYPE to find the best way of communication to save your time.
/Car pickups and drops to convenient time and place for viewing.
/Time adjustment for meeting. (contact for convenient schedule)
/Daily support after moving in and out. (Infrastructure settings, contact representation between the landlord)
/Complete English support service from House hunting to settle in.

Our basic way of thinking to the service is “to explain well” and “be as flexible”.
Asking what our client needs to reach the sutiable property and explain the detail in English.
Be as flexible to the part which is not including to the service and and find the best solution.

“Relationship” is one of the most important part to proceed.
Will be proud of serving our service and propose you the best way of living here in Tokyo.
Please check below for the detail information.

“Our service Presentation”(PDF)

For Owner and the Seller
“Find the best solution upon multirateral research and proposal”

Condition of the property is not only one but respective.
To handle this situation and having concrete advertise plan upon the careful analyze becomes necessary items to reach their own goal.
No dougt the goal for owner and seller is to “rent out” or”sell” in each ideal condition.

We would be proud of supporting every customer by commanding following services.
/Submit the bilingual evaluation report.
/Serve best property proposal plan from various point of view and data and advice along with owner`s priority.
/Special consultation and advice for long term vacant property. (More than 3 months vacancy)

Moreover, one of our unique skill and experience is to produce the property which owner is moving out abroad.
By the work? By the family movement? Unexpect situation may happens in the future and it is difficult to grasp in advance.
To secure the agent would be important to prepare in various situation may happens in the future.
No matter where the owner is living, we will attribute by supporting your asset to achieve your profit.

We become a “bridge” between the owner and the tenant/buyer from searching to settle in and explain in English step by step to make the situation clear for everyone.
“Our service Presentation”(PDF)