Car pick up service (Property viewing and Move in support)

Car pick up service (Property viewing and Move in support)

(Service include into “agent fee”)

Service outline

*Pick up and drop at the nearest station you stay when visit to view the property.(Hereafter “Property viewing”)

Pickup where you stay on the first day of contract beginning and visit together to the property where moving next.(Hereafter ”First day pickup”. This service provides only to the person conclude the contract through us)

Visit and accompany for shopping to prepare first day living. (Hereafter “First day shopping”. Please check for more detail on “Move in support


Visiting agent office takes your time and giving much stress to your property search.
We offer “Property viewing” service to help your efficient property search by visiting as many properties as possible in one day.
By pick up and drop around the property we plan to visit, it helps to shorten the visiting time and help visiting number of properties in one day.

Not only visiting property, we support setting your property inside at the beginning day of contract starting date of the property.

First day of move in may be the most “Heavy” day for everyone.
After property determines and moving to next property on first day, how you going to reach to your new property with your heavy belongings?
We have seen number of client spending some time and work to this problem about how to reach next property from where you stay with number of luggage.

”First day pickup” helps tremendously to clear this problem!
We can visit the place where you stay by car and take you to the next property, by put your belongings into the car we bring.
As we already know the place of next property, you will be released from the stress of carrying your heavy stuff into train or other transportation and get lost to reach to next property.

Also, after visit the property, most property will be empty condition.
How you going to stay in the property?
“First day shopping” offers you that we can take you to the furniture/electric shop by car, after you drop your belongings into next property.
This helps carrying some item which you need from the first day of living and makes you stay from the first day at the property. (Help reduce the cost of stay at other place!)

Important notes for car pick up service:

– ”Property viewing” service shall provide three time maximum.
– Service besides “Property viewing“shall be provided to the person who use us as agent and pay proper agent fee.

– Service besides “Property viewing“ cannot provide in case if agent fee discounted.

– Service besides “Property viewing“ shall provide to the person who paid the agent fee for more than 100,000yen total.

– Driving pick up area for “Property viewing“, ”First day pickup” service shall be inside the same “Ward” or “City” or next to it. (Please let us know if coming from distant place)

– For ”First day pickup” and “First day shopping” service needs schedule adjustment in advance. Depends on this schedule adjustment, we may ask for re-schedule adjustment.

– For ”First day pickup” and “First day shopping” service, this service shall be provided only one time round trip from either the place you stay or the next place to each destination.

– Carrying capacity enables to carry by using “First day shopping” service becomes the same capacity with the car going to use on that day.
Please handle by your own if the capacity of the item exceed.

– All “Car pick up service” is mainly provided in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama prefecture. Service operation may become difficult depends on the location.
Please ask us for more detail.

– We will not provide only for this service.

– For ”First day pickup” and “First day shopping” service will not applied automatically but needs request from client and arrangement in advance.

– As these service providing mainly to support client smooth moving to next property.
We cannot accept the service to reduce agent fee by not using these services.

– For ”First day pickup” and “First day shopping” service, we shall ask “actual expense” for maximum 3,000yen to the client.(If the total amount becomes under 3,000yen, expense becomes actual expense and if over 3,000yen, we will owe the part.)

– We cannot provide this services if its over one week from the first day of the contract starting date.