Off market opportunity service (For property purchase)

Off market opportunity service (For property purchase)

(Service include into “agent fee”)

Service outline

Finding the property hidden from the market and introduce to potential buyer

Hear detail preference of the property and discover the property meets to buyer criteria.

Confirm will of selling and negotiate selling condition to property owner.

Introduce owner and arrange property visit.

Arrange property price condition and conclude contract.


There often have the situation which have no property exist even you prefer to purchase the property.
Nothing will begin if there is no property even if you prefer to purchase the “one”.

There is number of preference when purchase the property.
Budget, Area, Layout, Size of the room, Objective of purchase, age of the building, etc…
Please let us know your preference as detail as possible.
We would like to support your property purchase by hearing these detail and find the property which meets to your criteria by approaching to the owner directly.
Once we approach owner and found the one, we going to prior and introduce you the property and organize the property purchase.

By using this service, you may move one step forward to your goal to purchase your prefer property.


Highly recommended for…

The person who is not satisfied with recent property market.

The person who already determine their prefer property or area but cannot find the property itself.

The person who prefers to deal with it as priority.


Voice from Customer:

From Ms.Orel

Mr. Noboru Morita from NOB Corporation was very helpful in finding and buying an apartment in Japan despite the fact that I wasn’t in Japan during the process.

I was moving to Japan and decided to buy an apartment to live in rather than rent this time. But the avoid looking for expensive short term accommodation from my arrival to purchase and moving twice in a short time I wanted to find and buy the apartment before my arrival. Most real estate agencies in Japan don’t have English speaking staff and don’t deal with customers who are not in Japan during the process, so I chose Mr. Morita who was able to do both.

My budget for the apartment was very small for Tokyo, so we focused the search on smaller, older apartments in outskirts of Tokyo. Mr. Morita managed to arrange some viewings very fast and sent me detailed videos of not only the apartments, but also the building, surrounding area etc. which was almost as good as going to the viewings myself.

I ended up choosing one of the apartments he showed me and he took care of the whole purchase process, explained all the documents to me etc. I was able to finalize the purchase of the apartment before even arriving to Japan so I could move in immediately after my arrival. Because the apartment needed renovation, he also helped to arrange the renovation and acted as the intermediary between me and the renovation person. He was very flexible with other services such as picking up furniture I ordered, adjusting the schedule when there were complications etc. He really went an extra mile and offered more than just regular real estate agent service.

Thanks to Mr. Morita, I was able to move into my newly renovated apartment immediately after arriving to Japan. I am very happy with the apartment and the service Mr. Morita provided and would recommend him again to anyone looking for a property in Japan.



Basic process would be as follows.

Please give us an inquiry

We going to have a meeting and hear your detail preference.
(Please let us know your preference as detail as possible. If the preference is too much unclear or unrealistic, providing this service may becomes difficult)

We going to start approaching toe the property owner.

We will inform you whenever found the considerable owner. (Will update you the situation periodically)

Visit the property with us and confirm your will whether to purchase the property.

Adjust property condition and proceed into contract.

Please use this service to find your key to purchase your property you like.


Important notes for off market opportunity service:

– To provide this service, we going to conclude “Exclusive agent contract” (Maximum 3months).
During this period, we become your “exclusive agent” and find out the property.

– This service shall not able to guarantee you to provide the property you wish.
Please remind there is a possibility which property will not show up

– This service is a service which must narrow down the area or target property. Please let us know your preference as detail as possible.
We may refuse to provide this service in case if the preference is unclear or cannot confirm your clear will to purchase the property.

– There are some property which may be difficult to provide this service.
We will inform in this case.

– At the when the property concluded, we going to ask for assigned Agent fee.

– This service is mainly provided in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama prefecture.
Service operation may become difficult depends on the location.
Please ask us for more detail.

– We are providing this service as part of our agent service.
We will not provide only for this service.