Overseas property management

Overseas property management

(Service include into “agent fee”)

Service outline

Provide the property management to non-living owner.

Adjust property management service content to each owner`s situation and support property setup, advertisement and funds collection.


Once after you purchase property, property management company becomes necessary part to upkeep its condition.
We becomes your partner to become your management company to maintain the property.
We have basic scheme to provide your property management even if you are not in Japan.

There are number of part which needs to keep in mind when manage the property from overseas.

・Do you have bank account in Japan?(Bank transfer becomes the basic payment in this country!)
・What shall we do in case if there is any trouble happens in my room?
・Is it sure the people come to my property to rent?
・How should I pay the tax in Japan?


As no one plans to invest the property without any knowledge, especially like property investment in foreign country.

But if there is some “chances” to invest which may give you profit which you satisfy?

We become your “Partner” to support your investment!