Our Mission

Since we have been providing property support service mainly in Tokyo and Yokohama(Southern Tokyo), we specialize in property research and transaction(Both Japanese and foreigner) to each customer and the renovation and construction service to the owner.
During this activity and experience, we discovered that there are number of complicate real estate system and service in our industry which is not along with client preference and induce the inconvenience to number of people.
Such as
/Provide discovery and comfortableness to every client through real estate.
/Support widely to the client who is looking for the property in this country and help their development.
/Face the task which client is facing together with good faith.

We are thinking the “partnership” is the keyword to finding out the best solution .
“Consultation” becomes the center of our service and always brushing our knowledge and method, we proud of supporting your new life starting here in Tokyo.

Legal Business Details

Company Name NOB Corporation.Ltd
License Tokyo Government Registered( ) No.
Head office 5-4-3,Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo, 142-0041
Capital 4,000,000yen
Establishment Aug, 2016
President Noboru Morita
Main Bank Mizuho Bank

About Bilingual staf

Noboru Morita

noborumorita profile
Noboru was born in San Diego, California and spend half of his life in United States.
Visiting abroad by parents business, he lives in Los angeles and New Jersey in his junior age. Travels all around US and part of South America (Brazil,Argentine,etc..) and develop his network through soccer he was working.
Experience variety of work and career mainly in Japan, discovered providing real estate for foreigner living in Tokyo and Yokohama as his mission. This mission imply from his childhood to repay the kindness what he had in his younger age spend in foreign country.
Since then, Noboru have been providing number of expat rent/rent out purchase or selling, also the resort property purchase and selling where relates in potential area by the foreigners.
He have been working mainly in Tokyo and Yokohama and build up his network, expand his service area not only in Tokyo but in Yokohama to provide more wide area.
He is also an active man with hobby of training and driving and animal welfare as his daily activities.