2020.05.26   Blog

Recent property market in Japan(Around Tokyo)

As Corona Virus have been running through all over the world, there are variety of effect to every department.

As been checking for real estate, probably this “virus effect” is more less than other department like food or sightseeing.

But of course there are some effect that number of people stop their move for property searching due to self restraint action.
Recent news from real estate market in Tokyo, number of property deal becomes half(52.6% less) in central Tokyo.
Depends on how each people see this number, I would say this is Natural thing because “people is not outside”.

Compare to other capital city, restriction of restraint in Tokyo was more loose than the one in other capital because that was not lockdown but self-restraint.
Depends on how to see this “52.6% less” but may be become better number to show the market is moving.

As Self restraint move got released today in Tokyo, expecting new move will begin and will keep update through this blog.