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  • 27,800,000yen
    Traffic: 7 min. walk to Ebisu station

  • 24,400,000yen
    Traffic: 6 min. walk to Meguro

  • 23,800,000yen
    Traffic: 5min. walk to Daikanyama station

  • 27,500,000yen
    Traffic: 10 min. walk to Hiroo station

  • 23,300,000yen
    Traffic: 6 min. walk to Shibuya station

  • 12,950,000yen
    Traffic: 10min. walk to Yokohama station

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  • YOKOHAMA 80,000 yen
    1K Fully furnish Flex style apartment!
    Traffic: 17 min. walk to Yokohama station on JR/Toyoko/Keikyu/Blue/Sotetsu line, 2 min. walk to nearest bus stop direct access to Yokohama station.

  • WEST YOKOHAMA/ EBINA 63,000yen
    Low initial cost! Fully furnish style apartment! 3 train line direct access to central city!
    Traffic: 7 min. walk to Ebina station on Odakyu/Sotetsu/Sagami line

  • 250,000yen
    Traffic: 7 min. walk to Roppongi station

  • 245,000yen
    Traffic: 5 min. walk to Akasaka station

  • 274,000yen
    Traffic: 1 min. walk to Nogizaka station

  • 255,000yen
    Traffic: 3 min. walk to Nogizaka station


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